Brave New Worlds

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By , June 27, 2013

Amazon announced the launch of Kindle Worlds this morning, their fan fiction happy initiative that Foreworld is participating in. This means that fan fiction has an official home as well as a storefront mechanism whereby both fans and the universe owners can participate in sales of the fan fiction to interested readers. As the Foreworld Kindle World storefront opens with ten new stories in it, it should be evident that we like this idea, and as there is a great deal of terrain to explore in Foreworld, we think this is a great opportunity for everyone to get their hands dirty in Foreworld.

There’s a board on the Foreworld Forum that is specifically set up for discussion of creating fan fiction. It is our hope to build tools for the community to craft better content. As you can see from the Kindle Worlds storefront, there is a distinction between Canon and Kindle Worlds material. We’d like to see some of the Kindle Worlds material elevate itself up to Canon by its quality.

This is the next iteration of the original vision for The Mongoliad and Foreworld. We had some fan fiction previously, but difficulties with technology and an ungainly wiki got in the way of things. Hopefully, Amazon’s infrastructure will make the consuming of fan fiction easier, and we’ll get the wiki sorted out on our end.

All in all, ’tis a brave new world. Yes, it is. The place to get started creating Foreworld content is here.


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By , June 12, 2013

We have a forum. It’s been pretty quiet, and I’ve been waiting until Katabasis was turned in before posting the forum URL (which is, as you can probably guess: Now that the book has been sent to production, there’s no time like now to open the doors, especially since the site has been shut down. There’s also a link in the menu bar so that you can find it readily in the future.

During the previous iteration of our grand transmedia adventure, we had a wiki and we had an open policy about fan fiction. We’d like to see that continue. Behind the scenes, we’re working on getting the wiki data from the previous site cleaned up and we’ll present a new wiki interface soon. As to fan fiction, well, there is this new initiative called Kindle Worlds . . .

German Version of The Mongoliad

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By , June 12, 2013

The first volume of The Mongoliad is now available in a German language edition (click on the cover below if you’d like to visit the site). They’re sticking with the same cover art, but the insides&emdash;oh, the insides, they are quite different.

The German edition joins the Spanish translation (done by RBA). There will also be Turkish and Polish translations later this year (and into the next).

Katabasis – Coming Soon

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By , June 11, 2013

We’ve turned in Katabasis, and given that it has a product page on Amazon now, I guess I can stop writing the name in all caps (the standard format for books that are still in code name status). And yes, it looks like Katabasis will be the title. I’m very pleased about this. I know it’s not exactly a word that rolls off the tongue, but we wanted something a little different. Katabasis, which will be the fourth volume of the Medieval Cycle of the Foreworld Saga, will out in time for Halloween this year.

Prior to that, the first volume of the SideQuest Adventurs will be out (late August, in fact). It collects three of the Foreworld SideQuests: The Lion in Chains, The Shield-Maiden, and The Beast of Calatrava. This will be the paperback version (though there will be an ebook edition too), which means those who have been waiting for the SideQuests to come out in print will be able to get a Foreworld fix prior to Katabasis in the fall.

There is one more volume scheduled for the Medieval Cycle, and it will land early next year. We have a number of other SideQuests still scheduled, and one more media type to launch this summer. Discussions continue with other media types, in the endless sort of fashion that they do. We’ll keep you posted.

Reading Out Loud

By , June 10, 2013

If you’ve not yet picked up your own copy of Hearts of Iron, here’s what it sounds like when I read from mine. I’ve included a few annotations in the video as well, some small facts about the book and a couple previews of what’s to come.



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