Cimarronin 2nd Arc

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By , March 26, 2015

Today is release day for the second arc of Cimarronin, our Foreworld adventure set in Mexico during the 17th century. It picks up where Cimarronin: A Samurai in New Spain left off, and follows the adventures of the wily Jesuit priest Luis Manuel Pérez de Guzmán and his long-suffuring companion, Kitazume Gonpachiro.


Plus we get more insight into the mysterious backstory of El Gato and Irgen, as all four rush toward their destiny in Mexico City.

You can buy the first issue of Cimarronin on Comixology (here) or on Amazon, where it is being offered as a serial—one price for all three issues, delivered over the next few weeks (here).

Suffrajitsu release!

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By , February 5, 2015

Our latest Jet City comic extravaganza is Suffrajitsu, written by Tony Wolf with art by João Vieira. Here’s the dashing copy that will undoubtedly send you running to your e-retailer of choice to get a copy.

The year is 1914 and with Europe on the brink of war, the leaders of the radical women’s rights movement are fugitives from the law. Their last line of defence is the elite secret society of “Amazons”; women trained in the martial art of Bartitsu and sworn to protect their leaders from arrest and assault. The stakes dramatically rise when the Amazons are thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse against an aristocratic, Utopian cult . . .


Tony and team put together an exceptional trailer for the project, which you can see right here.

And here are what some readers are already saying about the project:

“This one is a winner. With Tony Wolf’s tight dialogue and Joao Vieira’s visceral illustrations driving the story forward, Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons is a fun, intense, fast-moving, visually engaging treat, generating plenty of locomotive power . . . ” — Richard Ellis Preston, author of The Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin series.

“A solid grounding in the actual events of the day makes for an excellent springboard into a tale of international intrigue and adventure. There’s a big twist in the first issue that moves the story from canonical to alternative history. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you it left me breathless.” — J.D. Horn, author of the Witching Savannah series.

” . . . the novel’s breathless pace leads, with the author’s sleight of hand, to an eerie denouement which demands us to think on beyond the pages.” — Dr. Emelyne Godfrey, author of From Dagger Fans to Suffragettes: Femininity, Crime and Self-Defence in Victorian Literature and Society.

“This is a much-needed book that you should definitely pick up for a good dose of empowerment. The plot is fun, the intensity level is high, and it was a great deal of fun to buckle in for the ride.” — Nikki Sherman, editor at

This is available as a serial from Amazon (pay once, get monthly installments auto-delivered to your reader) or from Comixology. You can find out more at the project’s website.

Cimarronin is here!

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By , September 24, 2014

Today is release day for Cimarronin, our latest Foreworld adventure. Subtitled “A Samurai in New Spain,” it follows the adventures of disgraced ronin Kitazume Gonpachiro who is dragged into an adventure in Mexico by his old friend, the wily Jesuit priest Luis Manuel Pérez de Guzmán. Naturally, not everything is as it seems, and when the pair reach Spanish-occupied Mexico, Kitazume discovers that Luis had dragged him into not only a civil war but a conflict that extends both to China and Spain. It’s a re-envisioning of true events of the 17th century, Foreworld style!


Jet City Comics has posted a five page excerpt from the comic showcasing artist Robert Sammelin’s process from the layouts to the inks to the final coloring.

You can buy the first issue of Cimarronin on Comixology (here) or on Amazon, where it is being offered as a serial–one price for all three issues, delivered over the next few weeks (here).

Symposium #3

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By , June 22, 2014

The final issue of Symposium has been released. The secret origin of the OMVI lies in Ancient Greece, and this tale by Christian Cameron and Dmitry Bondarenko sets the stage for everything that comes after.


Our heroes, seeking to realize the idea offered to them by the philosopher Plato, leave Athens and travel to Delphi with hope of visiting the oracle. They have a dream to found a city of their own, and they desire insight from the oracle as to their question. But their skills—both as warriors and as thinking men—will be tested by adversaries they do not even know they have.

You can get your copy of issue #3 here.

Dead God #3

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By , April 12, 2014

The concluding chapter of The Dead God SideQuest is now available. Eadhild, Coll, and Valens face their final and deadliest trial in their quest for the lost head of the sky god Yvrnn.


Written by Erik Bear and illustrated by Haiwei Hou, the Dead God is a three-part tale of swords and sorcery, in an age of myth and mist—a tale of brave warriors plunged into an adventure beyond anything they could have imagined.


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By , March 18, 2014

Foreworld stories have jumped formats, and we’re now reaching out to the comic book and graphic novel folks. While the third and final issue of Symposium is still in the works, our second graphic story, The Dead God is underway. Written by Erik Bear and illustrated by Haiwei Hou, this three-part story tells of the adventures of Eadhild, Coll, and Valens as they search for the lost head of a dead god in a land wreathed in Myth and Magic.

The first and second issues are both available NOW! The third issue shows up in just a few weeks. Queue on up for these as they’re coming fast.

The Dead God, issue #1

The Dead God, issue #2

Blood And Ashes is out!

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By , March 14, 2014

Blood and Ashes by Scott James Magner is out!

Scott takes us back to the heady days of Pompeii for a little bit of gladiator and zombie action, as well as a reveal of some of the underlying conflict between the Shield-Brethren and them—you know, the bad guys. Though in this era, they weren’t quite so bad. Not yet . . .

It’s getting great reviews on Amazon, and dare I go so far as to say that it more entertaining than a recently released film that might take place on the same weekend in history? I do dare! I do! Plus as an e-novella, it is much cheaper than a film ticket. Just noting.

My favorite review of it so far is this one: “Once you get past the cover art (oiled up hairy chested dude) you discover an amazing story.” (Thank you, K. Stewart for your honesty.)

Siege Perilous Release Party

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By , January 17, 2014

Siege Perilous is expected to be out in less than two weeks, and to celebrate the culmination of the medieval era storyline, we’ll be gathering at the University Bookstore in Seattle at 7:00PM on January 29th.

link to event

Nicki/E.D. is coming out from Boston area, and this is the one of the few times (I don’t want to say the last) that all seven of the original authors will be present. We’ll also have a number of the SideQuest authors on hand. It will be more of a party/signing than an actual reading/talkie event, but we would love to see anyone who is local to the area.

It was four years ago this month that we started doodling on the chalkboard in the new office at the circus school, putting down the first notes about what would become The Mongoliad. While the release of Siege Perilous certainly closes one chapter of the history of Foreworld, we really do feel like we’re just getting started.

Blood and Ashes

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By , December 21, 2013

Our last SideQuest in this current round of releases is Blood and Ashes by Scott James Magner. Scott takes us back to the heady days of Pompeii for a little bit of gladiator and zombie action, as well as a reveal of some of the underlying conflict between the Shield-Brethren and them—you know, the bad guys. Though in this era, they weren’t quite so bad. Not yet . . .

As Mt. Vesuvius rumbles ominously, Pompeiian Councilor Valerius needs assistance in performing rituals to protect the city from the wrath of the fire-god, Vulcan. But his agenda is far from benevolent, as he cares less about quieting the volcano than taming it and taking the power for himself.

Now it’s up to Horatius, a former legionnaire and gladiator, to prevent Valerius’s sinister rites from coming to fruition. But with Vesuvius looming over the city—and the dead rising to defend the corrupt councilor—the warrior might have fled a troubled past only to have entered a doomed future . . .

Blood and Ashes will be out late February from 47North.

Siege Perilous Cover Reveal

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By , November 26, 2013

As cover artist Nekro noted on his Facebook page earlier today, the cover for Siege Perilous, the last book in the Mongoliad cycle has been revealed.

The book is scheduled to be released in late January, and it sees the return of those characters who weren’t accounted for in Katabasis. The long-form arc that has been in motion since Feronantus decided to take a team east will finally come to a close. We’ve been working toward this book for nigh four years now, and we’re pleased that we’re almost there. Below is the marketing teaser for the book.

Ocyrhoe, a young, cunning fugitive from Rome, safeguards a chalice of subtle but great power. Finding herself in France, she allies with the persecuted, pacifist Cathar sect in their legendary mountaintop stronghold, Montségur. There she resists agents of the Roman Church and its Inquisition, fights off escalating, bloody besiegement by troops of the King of France, and shields the mysterious cup from the designs of many.

Percival, the heroic Shield-Brethren knight consumed by his mystical visions of the Holy Grail, is also drawn to Montségur—where the chalice holds the key to his destiny.

Arrayed against Percival and Ocyrhoe are enemies both old and new who are determined to reveal the secrets of the Shield-Brethren with the hope of destroying the order once and for all.

Alive with memorable characters, intense with action and intrigue, Siege Perilous conjures a medieval world where the forces of faith confront the forces of fear. Choices made by characters in The Mongoliad reach their ultimate conclusion in this fifth and concluding novel—and all of Christendom is at stake.

This will wrap up our adventures in the Medieval Era of Foreworld. As you can see from the SideQuests and upcoming comics serials, there are still more stories to tell.

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