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Building a Medieval City

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By , February 6, 2013

Running a Kickstarter campaign can be both exhilarating and exhausting. We did one last summer for CLANG, our iconoclastic approach to sword fighting, and funding came down to the wire. Exciting to watch, certainly, but there was much nail biting on our end. It is with some awareness of what these project creators are going through that we’d like to point you to TOWER and POWER.

This team is looking to create a 3D map of medieval-era Bologna, followed by a browser-based game that will drop you into the middle of noble family rivalries from this time period. In fact, and let’s be transparent about our interest here, a number of important advocates for medieval-era sword fighting came from Bologna. If you check out Tower and Power’s page on medieval fencing, you see a bit of the history that will come to life with their project.

They’ve got a little over two weeks left on the campaign. Please go visit their Kickstarter page and show them a little love if you like what they’re attempting to do.

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