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Brave New Worlds

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By , June 27, 2013

Amazon announced the launch of Kindle Worlds this morning, their fan fiction happy initiative that Foreworld is participating in. This means that fan fiction has an official home as well as a storefront mechanism whereby both fans and the universe owners can participate in sales of the fan fiction to interested readers. As the Foreworld Kindle World storefront opens with ten new stories in it, it should be evident that we like this idea, and as there is a great deal of terrain to explore in Foreworld, we think this is a great opportunity for everyone to get their hands dirty in Foreworld.

There’s a board on the Foreworld Forum that is specifically set up for discussion of creating fan fiction. It is our hope to build tools for the community to craft better content. As you can see from the Kindle Worlds storefront, there is a distinction between Canon and Kindle Worlds material. We’d like to see some of the Kindle Worlds material elevate itself up to Canon by its quality.

This is the next iteration of the original vision for The Mongoliad and Foreworld. We had some fan fiction previously, but difficulties with technology and an ungainly wiki got in the way of things. Hopefully, Amazon’s infrastructure will make the consuming of fan fiction easier, and we’ll get the wiki sorted out on our end.

All in all, ’tis a brave new world. Yes, it is. The place to get started creating Foreworld content is here.

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