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Suffrajitsu release!

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By , February 5, 2015

Our latest Jet City comic extravaganza is Suffrajitsu, written by Tony Wolf with art by João Vieira. Here’s the dashing copy that will undoubtedly send you running to your e-retailer of choice to get a copy.

The year is 1914 and with Europe on the brink of war, the leaders of the radical women’s rights movement are fugitives from the law. Their last line of defence is the elite secret society of “Amazons”; women trained in the martial art of Bartitsu and sworn to protect their leaders from arrest and assault. The stakes dramatically rise when the Amazons are thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse against an aristocratic, Utopian cult . . .


Tony and team put together an exceptional trailer for the project, which you can see right here.

And here are what some readers are already saying about the project:

“This one is a winner. With Tony Wolf’s tight dialogue and Joao Vieira’s visceral illustrations driving the story forward, Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons is a fun, intense, fast-moving, visually engaging treat, generating plenty of locomotive power . . . ” — Richard Ellis Preston, author of The Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin series.

“A solid grounding in the actual events of the day makes for an excellent springboard into a tale of international intrigue and adventure. There’s a big twist in the first issue that moves the story from canonical to alternative history. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you it left me breathless.” — J.D. Horn, author of the Witching Savannah series.

” . . . the novel’s breathless pace leads, with the author’s sleight of hand, to an eerie denouement which demands us to think on beyond the pages.” — Dr. Emelyne Godfrey, author of From Dagger Fans to Suffragettes: Femininity, Crime and Self-Defence in Victorian Literature and Society.

“This is a much-needed book that you should definitely pick up for a good dose of empowerment. The plot is fun, the intensity level is high, and it was a great deal of fun to buckle in for the ride.” — Nikki Sherman, editor at

This is available as a serial from Amazon (pay once, get monthly installments auto-delivered to your reader) or from Comixology. You can find out more at the project’s website.

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