Dmitry Bondarenko

By | Posted January 24, 2013
BIO: Dmitry is a freelance illustrator, born in Moscow and raised in Toronto. A classically trained artist, with certification from Sheridan college and OCAD university, his enthusiasm for history and material culture lead him to a friendship with author Christian Cameron, with whom he have been producing artwork for Cameron’s Tyrant and Killer of Men series. Recently, he has created artwork for the Red Knight series from Orion, set in a medieval fantasy universe. Bondarenko has also created artwork and storyboards for television and film.


Symposium [in three issues]. Spartan and Athenian combat veterans, exiled from their home city-states but inspired by the ideas of their drinking buddy—a wrestler by the name of Plato—strike out into the north to explore the hinterlands of the classical world. In the mountains north and west of the Black Sea they found a new city-state called Petraathen (Athena’s Rock), topped by a towering acropolis dedicated to Athena Promachos (“Athena who fights in the front line,”) an avatar of the Goddess of Wisdom. Conceiving of their duty as primarily defensive in nature, they dub themselves the Shield-Brethren and dedicate themselves to using their martial prowess to defend the ideals of democracy and wisdom personified by Athena and put into practice (albeit very imperfectly) in Athens.

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