Joseph Brassey

By | Posted January 24, 2013
BIO: Joseph Brassey lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two cats. He teaches medieval fighting techniques to members of the armed forces.


The Mongoliad.Taking place in 13th century, The Mongoliad [in three volumes] is an epic that follows a small band of warriors and mystics raise their swords to save Europe from a bloodthirsty Mongol invasion. Inspired by their leader (an elder of an order of warrior monks), they embark on a perilous journey and uncover the history of hidden knowledge and conflict among powerful secret societies that had been shaping world events for millennia.
The Assassination of Orange. Loved by his people and respected by his enemies, Prince William of Orange leads the Dutch revolution against the Spanish at the outset of the Eighty Years War. His trusted confidant, the legendary Welsh mercenary Roger Williams, has learned of a plot against the prince—a bounty that has been offered by the Spanish King, Philip II.
Katabasis. Exhausted, plagued by uncertainty and self-doubt, and reeling from betrayal by one of their own, the surviving Shield-Brethren struggle across a frozen, shattered wasteland to return home after their desperate battle in Mongolia. Their mission is complete—Christendom has been saved—but new and terrible questions haunt each member of the company: Are they heroes or villains? Or just pawns in a larger game, trapped in a world gone mad in the wake of the unspeakable devastation visited upon it by the Mongol horde?

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