Linda Pearce

By | Posted January 26, 2013
BIO: Linda Pearce lives in Seattle with her husband sword-maker and co-author Michael Tinker Pearce, six dogs and two cats. She has worked in the high-tech industry for over twenty years and is passionate about dog, cat and horse rescue. She has performed with the Seattle Knights, and has owned one of their jousting horses. She met her husband at a renaissance faire in California and it was love at first sight. She is an avid reader and loves doing research on historical events. She is currently working on a new novel with her husband entitled Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman.


The Shield-Maiden. Sigrid is a Shield-Maiden who yearns to break free of the restrictions of her father’s home and join the Sworn Men in an actual raiding expedition. When a small diplomatic party that includes members of the Shield-Brethren lands at her family’s holding on Göttland, the party’s second in command, Halldor, sees in Sigrid a vision of beauty and power that might challenge—and even destroy—many men. And when bloody chaos ensues at a nearby Viking fishing village, Sigrid proves she has more than mere talent . . .
Tyr’s Hammer. When Tyr and his companion come upon the perfect spot for a new Shield-Brethren citadel, they discover that it is owned by Voldrun, a northern king with a questionable sense of justice. Although he welcomes the travelers, the king’s true motives eventually become clear. Determined to be compensated for his hospitality, Voldrun subjects the duo to several challenges, culminating in a game more dangerous than either warrior could ever have imagined.

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