Scott James Magner

By | Posted January 26, 2013
BIO: Scott James Magner is a writer, editor, designer, developer, and worldbuilder. His work appears in tabletop and online roleplaying games (most notably Dungeons and Dragons, AION, and TERA), card games, miniatures games and board games. He has a passion for movies and classic science fiction, and spends his days tweaking and twisting new worlds.


Heart of Iron. William, Drogo, and Humphrey are the sons of the Norman lord Tancred de Hauteville, in service to Guimar, Prince of Salerno. The brothers are tasked to recover a item raided by Saracens, a gilded chest being held at a residence in Messina and of particular interest to powers in Rome and beyond. While they are free to plunder whatever else they may find, they are mindful of Tancred’s warning that the Holy Roman Emperor has his own plans in Rome, and not everything may be as it seems.
Blood and Ashes. As Mt. Vesuvius rumbles ominously, Pompeiian Councilor Valerius needs assistance in performing rituals to protect the city from the wrath of the fire-god, Vulcan. But his agenda is far from benevolent, as he cares less about quieting the volcano than taming it and taking the power for himself. Now it’s up to Horatius, a former legionnaire and gladiator, to prevent Valerius’s sinister rites from coming to fruition. But with Vesuvius looming over the city—and the dead rising to defend the corrupt councilor—the warrior might have fled a troubled past only to have entered a doomed future.

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